Opening Hours & Pricing

Opening Hours

Monday • Tuesday • Thursday • Friday
8:30am – 9:30am: Class
9:30am – 5pm: Open Gym

Wednesday • Saturday • Sunday
8am – 5pm: Open Gym


Day pass: 400 pesos / $25 usd
Class: 500 pesos / $30 usd (also includes use of gym for day)
Weekly pass: 1600 pesos / $100 usd (Weekly pass includes all classes)
Private Training 1-on-1: 2000 pesos / $120 usd
Professional Photography:  (see our FAQ page Q:4 for exact details)

(*) Important Note: We are CASH ONLY at the gym (pesos or usd)
In general for Tulum we recommend ensuring you bring cash (pesos or USD) as the ATM’s have a high charge, many businesses are cash only and the ATM’s are often out of money.

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