Frequently Asked Questions

The gym is located in Tulum Mexico and can be found on Google maps. In Tulum we are in the center of the hotel beach zone.

If accessing the gym via the road you will gain entry onto the beach via Ahau hotel (the hotel is also on Google maps) and is just a 2 minute walk down to the gym from there. If staying on the beach we are at km 7.5 next to Villa Las Estella’s.

The gym is cash only but if you wish to pay on card for gym passes you can do so at Ahau hotel, which you will walk through to gain access to the beach. Please note however we do not take card payments for merchandise – it is cash only at the gym.

Taking photos on your camera phone is fine and we encourage you to freely do so. Please note that only paying customers are allowed within the gym though and anyone within the gym must have had an induction for safety reasons. As such we do not allow anyone in the gym just to take photos of the equipment or of their partners / friends training.

We also do not allow the use of Tripod stands within the gym as this interferes with other people being able to freely move around the gym.

Professional photography must be pre-booked and we do not allow this during normal gym hours out of consideration to other gym users. We do not currently have a local photographer we can recommend – but for those who bring their own photographer you can book a photo-shoot session at the Jungle Gym.

Photo-shoots are done between 6am-8am for best lighting and to have exclusive use of the gym.

The cost for professional photography is $450 usd for one person plus a photographer for an hour. Any extra persons being photographed as well will incur an extra $50 usd charge per person.  So for example, if you were 2 person with a photographer the total would be $500 usd.

Our staff come in early to open up, clean and prepare the gym for the shoot and to be on hand to help.

After an inquiry and confirmation of availability we take pre-payment via PayPal or via the website. If you choose to cancel, even the day before, (for example due to poor weather) we will refund your payment fully, minus $5 usd of PayPal fees.

The above pricing is only for personal use photography such as for personal social media. If you require commercial photography (such as for advertising products) please enquire with all details via or our contact form on the website as this is a separate pricing.

We do not allow anyone under the age of 16 years old into the gym or to use any of our equipment for safety reasons. It is an adult only area since we have mostly free weights and heavy rocks / weights being dropped and therefore it is not safe for children.

Any one that wants to train but has children will need to find a guardian to supervise outside of the gym.

We don’t have a dress code at the Jungle Gym – it really is wear what you want since we are on the beachfront. People choose to train barefoot others with shoes – to wear regular indoor gym clothes or just a bikini. Anything goes as long as you feel comfortable. Don’t worry about what to wear just wear what you feel comfortable to train in.

This really depends on your budget. You can find where we are on Google maps to check the distance from the various beach hotels. Likewise on Trip advisor when searching for hotels in Tulum, on the left hand side 4th heading down you can search for hotels with ‘Distance fromlandmarks and type in ‘Tulum Jungle Gym’ as the landmark – setting the distance you wish to search from, such as within 1-mile of the gym. (See link below)


However there are a vast number of hotels within a 1-mile radius as you can see on Trip advisor.

The Jungle Gym is at km 7.5 – all hotels and landmarks along the beach road are referenced in relation to the distance from the Tulum Ruins that is KM 0. Therefore if you have a hotel booked already you can see how far it is from the gym calculating the distance between using this KM reference. For example a hotel at KM 5.5 would be 2 Km away.

The beach hotel prices are more expensive than those of Tulum town. Tulum town has everything from bunk bed hostels to luxury Air Bnb apartments. The town is not too spread out but if you want to check the distance from a particular hotel / AirBnb you can do so on Google maps as we are listed. (One of the closest and more popular options is those in Aldea Zama).

You can get a one-way taxi to the beach / gym for around 120 pesos (6 usd) or rent a scooter or pushbike in town. Ola bikes for example rent push bikes for 130 pesos / 8usd a day and can be found online.

We are around a 20-minute drive or 30-minute bicycle ride from town. However in the peak weeks of Christmas and New-year’s the traffic can be very congested and take 1-2 hours.

Perhaps the best and cheapest option we would recommend though would be a car rental from Cancun airport (or Tulum town) – prices vary depending on time of year and how far in advance you book but can often be cheaper than scooter rental if for the week. January and February are quite busy times of year though so it may take 30-60 minutes to drive to the beach in a car as the roads are more congested then.

Yes this is something that we specialize in. We have had groups of up to 30 before.  There are times that the gym is busy such as during our class times or if it is booked already by another retreat but there are usually times of the day we can accommodate large groups. The cost depends on whether you need instructors, the size of the group and number of days you wish to use the gym.

You can choose to use your own instructors but because we custom make all the equipment and you won’t find it anywhere else we do recommend using our trainers. Please note that if you bring your own trainers you will need to email us a copy of their instructor certificate and insurance coverage before your arrival.

From Playa Del Carmen

You can rent a car from various rental companies. Prices vary depending on time of year but are generally pretty reasonable, especially if booked in advance. This is the option we would recommend if you were able to get a reasonable price.

Parking is available close to the gym for around 100 pesos. Travel time is typically around 1 hour 15 minutes (although during peak weeks of Christmas / NY we do not recommend the trip as the roads are so busy getting to the beach and can take several hours and parking is almost impossible.)

Please note you could also choose to rent a car for the duration of your holiday from Cancun airport. There is just one main road from Cancun to Playa / Tulum and so navigation is very simple.

The most economical way to the Jungle Gym is to get the local shuttle bus known as the ‘Collectivo’ from Playa to Tulum for 45 pesos ($3) then get a Taxi from Tulum town to the beach for around 100-120 pesos ($5-6). Travel time with this method is around 1 hour 45 minutes.

The simplest but probably the most expensive way would be to get a taxi direct to the gym, using Ahau hotel located at km 7.5 on the beach road in the hotel zone as a reference. The gym is only around a year old so most taxi drivers will not know about it. You will need to barter on price but would cost around 1’000 pesos each way ($50). Travel time just over 1 hour.

From Cancun

You can rent a car from various rental companies either from the airport or in Cancun itself. Prices vary depending on time of year. Parking is available close to the gym for around 100 pesos. Travel time around 2 hours 10 minutes.

You could get the local bus from Cancun to Playa and then from Playa to Cancun & then get a taxi from the town to the beach but we do not recommend this method due to the travel time and changeovers. The cost would be around 300 pesos per person but could take you up to 4 hours each way!

The simplest but most expensive way would be to get a taxi direct to the gym using Ahau hotel km 7.5 on the beach road in the hotel zone as a reference. The gym is only a year old so most taxi drivers will not know about it. You will need to barter on price but would cost around $75-100usd each way / 1500-2000 pesos. Travel time just over 2 hours.

Yes for those that are full time residents and have either a local ID or full time residency card and live within the Quintana-Roo area only. If you cannot provide a valid ID we cannot offer you local rates. If this applies to you please enquire at the gym or via any of our contact methods for monthly membership or a discounted day pass.

For those staying in Tulum for extended periods but are not full time residents – such as for 1,3,6 month periods we can offer a discount on a case-by-case cases depending on your duration. Please enquire via one of our contact methods.

We offer free gym membership for local police, Fire and Military personnel. We offer half price passes for Military, Fire and Police  of any nation with a valid and current ID.

If you cannot provide a valid ID as proof we cannot offer you any discount.

Otherwise we make it policy NOT to offer any discount or free access to ‘social influencers’ or people that have large followings across social media. Firstly as we get so many requests, but more importantly we like every post of the gym to be genuine – not because we have offered you a free pass: so that we remain 100% organic.

For the courtesy of all gym users and for safety we ask that you:

  • Listen to music on headphones and do not use speakers.
  • Any dropping of the weights is prohibited on the decking but is allowed on the sand with the bumper plates.
  • Strip bars and return all weights after use or if you were the last person on the equipment.

General recommendations for visiting Tulum :

* Please note we do not receive any commissions, discounts or incentives to make specific recommendations. These are purely based on what we organically recommend to those visiting Tulum.

  1. Go to a cenote
    Google cenote Tulum to see what & where these are but essentially they are fresh water pools. For swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving. Three popular examples near Tulum would be:
  • Cenote Crystal
  • Grand cenote
  • Casa cenote
  1. Visit one of the Theme parks
    The main ones are run by the same company so if you Google Xcaret you will see all the other theme parks they have. You can hire a car or check their website under FAQ for buses that go from hotels to the parks.
Park Distance Travel time from Town
Xel Ha 22 km 20 minutes
Xplor 59 km 45 minutes
Xenses 59 km 45 minutes
Xcartet 59 km 45 minutes
Xavage 122 km 1hr 30
  1. Restaurant recommendation

On the beach

  • Mezzanine (Thai)
  • Sanara (Organic, gluten-dairy free)
  • Rosa Negra (Steak / party atmosphere)

In town

  • The pitted date (Vegan)
  • Asadero (Steak house)
  • Chiapaneca (Local tacos)
  1. A lot of businesses are cash only and the ATM’s charge a high premium so we recommend brining pesos. You can pay in dollars almost everywhere in Tulum but again you will get a lesser exchange than changing in your home country.
  1. If staying in town getting a rental car for the week is very cheap (around 50-100usd) and it is one straight road from Cancun to Tulum and most things are listed on Google maps. You can drive to the gym in 20 minutes from town (except Xmas / NY week which is very busy and you would be better cycling or renting a scooter).