Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the gym located?

We are located on the main Aviendia that runs through the town towards Chetumal.

Opposite Humo restaurant and the gas station and next to Manglar Pizza.

Avenida Tulum Oriente , between Punta Allen Street and  Asunción de Tulum pueblo Street.

Do we offer discounts and collaborations
We offer free gym membership for local police, Fire and Military personnel. We offer half price passes for Military, Fire and Police of any nation with a valid and current ID. If you cannot provide a valid ID as proof we cannot offer you any discount.

We do not do collaborate or work with influencers.

We make it policy NOT to offer any discount or free access to ‘social influencers’ or people that have large followings across social media. Firstly as we get so many requests, but more importantly because we like every post of the gym to be genuine – not because we have offered you a free pass so that we remain 100% organic.

Do we offer parking
Yes there is a small area in front of the gym for the parking of bikes and scooters as well as a few cars.

There are side roads running adjacent to the gym where there is free parking.

Can I take photos?
Taking photos is only permitted using cellphones the use of cameras and tripods is not permitted during normal gym hours.
Are children allowed in / is there a minimum age limit?
We do not allow anyone under the age of 16 years old into the gym or to use any of our equipment for safety reasons. It is an adult only area since we have mostly free weights and heavy rocks / weights being dropped and therefore it is not safe for children.
Where should I stay?
This really depends on your budget. You can find where we are on Google maps to check the distance from the various hotels.

Likewise on Trip advisor when searching for hotels in Tulum, on the left hand side 4th heading down you can search for hotels with ‘Distance from’ landmarks and type in ‘Tulum Jungle Gym Pueblo’ as the landmark.

How do I get to the gym from Playa Del Carmen or Cancun?
From Playa Del Carmen

You can rent a car from various rental companies. Prices vary depending on time of year but are generally pretty reasonable, especially if booked in advance. This is the option we would recommend if you were able to get a reasonable price and there is free parking available around the gyms location.

Please note you could also choose to rent a car for the duration of your holiday from Cancun airport. There is just one main road from Cancun to Playa / Tulum and so navigation is very simple.

The most economical way to the Jungle Gym is to get the local shuttle bus known as the ‘Collectivo’ from Playa to Tulum for 45 pesos ($3) then get a Taxi from the bottom of Tulum town to the top.Travel time with this method is around 1 hour 45 minutes.

The simplest but probably the most expensive way would be to get a taxi direct to the gym.


From Cancun

You can rent a car from various rental companies either from the airport or in Cancun itself.

You could get the local bus from Cancun to Playa and then from Playa to Cancun & then get a taxi to the gym but we do not recommend this method due to the travel time and changeovers.

Gym Rules
For the courtesy of all gym users and for safety we ask that you:
  • Don’t listen to music on headphones as no speakers are allowed in the gym
  • Don’t drop the weights on the decking only on the designated lifting platforms
  • Return all weights after use
  • Pictures only with cell phones
  • Rudeness towards staff will not be tolerated
  • Use hand gel before entering the gym and wipe down equipment