We are Moving!

on the 22nd July

We move Location

Tulum Jungle Gym moves on the 22nd July but only a 2 minute walk from our current location just 200 meters. The access point to the beach will be the same point at Ahau hotel but instead of turning right on the beach you go left (it will be sign posted also).

It will only take 2 days for us to move all the training equipment and weights which should be ready to use again quickly since we’re walking them down the beach a few minutes away however to move the decking and roofing will take up to 8 days.

We’re sorry for the late notice but we have recently found out our current land is about to be developed into a hotel and so we have to move. Fortunately Ahau hotel has offered us a permanent spot and partnership in the Jungle Gym. David Graziano the owner has been a training partner and friend of mine and we share the same values so I’m so glad to have him as part of the project as a whole.