No Classes from the 17th until 31st of December. Classes will restart the 1st of January

Note: For groups of 6+ you can request a private group class also.

Classes start next week from 27th September


  • Jungle Gym Circuit



  • Beach Body Boot Camp



  • Booty Bootcamp



  • Jungle Gym Circuit


Prices: $400mxn / $25 usd

If you are coming as a group of more than 6 please message us a few days prior.

Beach Body Boot Camp

150 150 wpadmin

This full body strength and conditioning class uses body weight, dumbbells, bar bells, med balls and plyometric exercises to sculpt your body from head to toe. This is a weights based class using both isometric and compound exercises in a HIIT based circuit and would not be suitable for anyone unable to weight bare or who has a back injury.

Suitable for: Men & Women – all ages

Booty Bootcamp

150 150 wpadmin

This Jungle Gym signature class is a lower body boot camp that combines body weight, free weights, resistance bands, plyometric, functional and isolation exercises that target all the muscles needed to build a bigger booty, stronger hamstrings and quads. This is also a great class for athletes looking for ways to activate and strengthen their glutes to improve their performance in their chosen sport, so if your suffer from weak glute activation this class would be perfect for you. Utilising unique resistance band isolation exercises combined with compound exercises with dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells this class will target all the muscles in the lower body leaving you unable to sit down for days but with a firmer and stronger butt.

Suitable for: Men & Women – all ages

Jungle Gym Circuit

150 150 wpadmin

This is our main class and is scaled for a broad range of fitness levels so don’t be put off that you won’t be fit enough. The class utilises the vast majority of unique custom made equipment we have at Tulum Jungle Gym combining, functional and interval training on the beach with games for a sweaty and fun workout. You will be benching logs, squatting with wooden barbells, jumping onto tree stumps, swinging from monkey bars, lifting rocks on a wooden pulley… the list goes on.

Suitable for: Men & Women – all ages and abilities